Abdominal Mass, Pediatric

Maireade E. McSweeney and Rose C. Graham Reviewed 06/2017



A palpable lesion or fullness in the abdominal cavity which may or may not be related to abdominal viscera; the mass may be abdominal or retroperitoneal in origin 


  • Etiolog...


  • Stomach

    • Gastric distension or gastroparesis

    • Duplication

    • Foreign body or bezoar

    • Gastric torsion

    • Gastric tumor (lymphoma, sarcoma)

  • Intestine

    • Feces (constipation)

    • Intestinal distension or toxic megacol...


General Measures

  • Immediate hospitalization for patients who present with an abdominal mass and/or signs of dehydration, intestinal obstruction, bleeding, feeding intolerance, or clinical deco...

Additional Reading

  • Chandler  JC, Gauderer  MWL. The neonate with an abdominal mass. Pediatr Clin North Am.  2004;51(4):979–997. [View Abstract]

  • Golden  CB, Feusner  JH. Malignant abdominal masses ...



  • 789.30 Abdominal or pelvic swelling, mass, or lump, unspecified site

  • 789.1 Hepatomegaly

  • 789.2 Splenomegaly

  • 787.3 Flatulence, eructation, and gas pain

  • 564.7 Megacolon, other than Hirschsprung's

  • 7...

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