Abnormal Bleeding, Pediatric

Char Witmer Reviewed 06/2017



Abnormal bleeding may present as 
  • Frequent or significant mucocutaneous bleeding (epistaxis, bruising, gum bleeding, or menorrhagia)

  • Bleeding in unusual sites such as muscles, joints, ...


Differential Diagnosis

Platelet disorders may be quantitative or qualitative, collagen vascular disorders can be acquired or inherited, and disorders of coagulation factors can be congenital ...


General Measures

  • Pressure on wound

  • Elevation

  • Topical application of thrombin

  • Topical application of clot-activating polymers

Additional Reading

  • Buchanan  GR. Bleeding signs in children with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol.  2003;25(Suppl 1):S42–S46. [View Abstract]

  • Khair  K, Liesner  R. Brui...



  • 286.9 Other and unspecified coagulation defects

  • 784.7 Epistaxis

  • 924.9 Contusion of unspecified site

  • 287.1 Qualitative platelet defects

  • 626.2 Excessive or frequent menstruation

  • 287.5 Thrombocytop...


  • Q: What are the proper preoperative screening tests for bleeding disorders prior to elective surgery such as tonsillectomy?

  • A: A thorough personal history, familial history, and physical exam are b...

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