Anemia of Chronic Disease (Anemia of Inflammation), Pediatric

Michele P. Lambert Reviewed 06/2017



Anemia that accompanies a variety of systemic diseases, with the common features of chronicity and inflammation. Anemia of chronic disease is more properly called anemia of inflammat...


Signs and Symptoms

  • Various abnormal physical findings may be present, depending on the underlying chronic disease process.

  • May have mild pallor but will not have signs of circulatory collapse

  • S...


General Measures

  • Iron

    • Generally, no role for iron therapy unless there is coexisting iron deficiency anemia. However, recent studies in patients with renal disease have shown improved response...

Ongoing Care

Follow-up Recommendations

Patient Monitoring

Treatment of underlying disease process may promote slow resolution of associated anemia. Hematocrit increases ∼6–8 weeks after start of recombi...

Additional Reading

  • Cullis  J. Anaemia of chronic disease. Clin Med.  2013;13(2):193–196. [View Abstract]

  • Ganz  T. Molecular pathogenesis of anemia of chronic disease. Pediatr Blood Cancer.  2...



  • 285.29 Anemia of other chronic disease

  • 285.21 Anemia in chronic kidney disease

  • 285.22 Anemia in neoplastic disease

  • 282.9 Hereditary hemolytic anemia, unspecified

  • 446.2 Hypersensitivity angiitis...


  • Q: Does anemia that is associated with a chronic disease require further evaluation?

  • A: If the anemia fits within the usual expectations for the patient’s diagnosis, there is no need to pursue furt...

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