Ankyloglossia, Pediatric

Reviewed 06/2017



Anatomic variation of the tongue in which the lingual frenulum is unusually tight and short. Also known as tongue-tie. This condition may result in impaired tongue mobility with earl...


  • Diagnosis based on physical appearance and functional impairment of breastfeeding or speech


  • Maternal report of difficulty with infant latch or nipple pain while breastfeeding

  • Report of ...


General Measures

  • Observation if there is no functional impairment of breastfeeding or speech

  • Surgical treatment if functional impairment is present

  • Treatment is frenotomy—incision of lingual fr...

Ongoing Care

Follow-up Recommendations

  • Infants should be seen about one week after frenotomy to assess feeding and weight gain.

  • Older children should be seen about 6 weeks after surgery to assess functi...

Additional Reading

  • Buryk  M, Bloom  D, Shope  T. Efficacy of neonatal release of ankyloglossia: a randomized trial. Pediatrics.  2011;128(2):280–288. [View Abstract]

  • Dollberg  S, Botzer  E, Grunis...



  • 750.0 Tongue tie

  • 779.31 Feeding problems in newborn


  • Q38.1 Ankyloglossia

  • P92.8 Other feeding problems of newborn


  • 67787004 tongue tie (disorder)

  • 206568009 Difficulty in feeding at breas...


  • Q: What is the appropriate time to perform frenotomy in breastfeeding newborns with ankyloglossia?

  • A: Optimal timing is not known. A reasonable approach is to allow enough time to establish that th...

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