Antisperm Autoantibodies–Immunobead Binding Test


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Subject: Antisperm Autoantibodies–Immunobead Binding Test

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  • The immunobead binding test for antisperm antibodies identifies antibodies on sperm cells by immunoglobulin class and general specificity (head, midpiece, and tail) by means of their ability to agglutinate polyacrylamide beads coated with anti-Ig class–specific antibodies.

  • Reference range: ≤20% of sperm cells bound to immunobeads.


  • Confirmation of sperm autoimmunity, as suggested by the presence of agglutinated sperm and/or reduced motility in a semen analysis. Only the IgG and IgA classes of such antibodies are clinically significant.



  • Minimum specimen volume for microscopic analysis is 0.1 mL.

Suggested Reading

Bohring  C, Krause  W. Immune infertility: towards a better understanding of sperm (auto)-immunity. The value of proteomic analysis. Hum Reprod.  2003;18:915–924.