Neutrophil Tests for Dysfunction


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Subject: Neutrophil Tests for Dysfunction

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  • Inherited or acquired disorders affecting neutrophils (and other leukocytes) may result in abnormal function and a predisposition to recurrent bacterial infections. Acquired neutrophil dysfunction may be the result of disorders of immunoglobulins, complement, or T cells; in such cases, the underlying disease should be characterized before specific assays for neutrophil dysfunction are undertaken.


  • Neutrophil function tests are used to evaluate neutrophil dysfunction in patients with recurrent bacterial infections, especially in patients with a family history suggestive of a neutrophil dysfunction syndrome. The functions used to investigate neutrophil dysfunction are adherence, locomotion, phagocytosis, and secretion (see Table 16.58). Morphologic studies are performed in parallel with the functional assays.

  • Because of the rarity of these conditions, only a limited number are mentioned (see Table 16.58).

TABLE 16–58
Assays for Suspected Congenital Neutrophil Dysfunction Syndromes