Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Genotyping Assay


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Subject: Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Genotyping Assay

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  • The HCV genotyping assay identifies HCV genotypes 1–6 in human serum or EDTA plasma samples. Availability of subtype information depends on the method used for testing. The methods may differ in their ability to genotype samples with low viral load or mixed infection.

  • Normal range: Negative.


  • Methods:

    • Invader (Third Wave)

    • True Gene (Bayer)

    • LiPA (Innogenetics)

    • TaqMan (Abbot Diagnostics)

    • “Home brew” sequencing

  • The HCV genotyping assay should be used in the management of HCV-infected individuals undergoing antiviral therapy


  • Samples with low viral load may be untypable. Sequencing methods are less effective than hybridization methods in genotyping samples with mixed genotypes.