Hepatitis D Virus (HDV; Delta Hepatitis) Antibody


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Subject: Hepatitis D Virus (HDV; Delta Hepatitis) Antibody

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  • HDV is a subviral agent that is dependent on the HBV virus for its life cycle; therefore, HDV infection cannot occur in the absence of HBV infection.

  • Normal range: Negative.


  • Diagnosis of concurrent HDV infection in patients with fulminant acute HBV infection (acute coinfection), chronic HBV infection (chronic coinfection), or acute exacerbation of known chronic HBV infection (HDV superinfection).


  • Increased in previous or current hepatitis D infection.


  • The role of HDV antibody testing is controversial because the incidence of infection with HDV has declined markedly in the United States with use of HBV vaccine.

  • Interferon treatment may decrease the antibody levels.

  • This testing should be ordered only when the patient has an acute or chronic hepatitis B infection.