Respiratory Virus Panel (RVP) Molecular Assay


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Subject: Respiratory Virus Panel (RVP) Molecular Assay

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  • The RVP assay is a comprehensive panel of tests for the detection of multiple viral strains and subtypes. Various molecular assays differ in the specific list of respiratory viruses tested, but most include influenza A (and subtypes), influenza B, parainfluenza, adenovirus, metapneumovirus (HMPV), RSV, and rhinovirus.

  • Normal range: Not detected.


  • The RVP molecular assay tests for the major respiratory viruses commonly tested for surveillance and patient management. In addition, the RVP molecular assay is frequently used for the confirmation of negative results obtained by other methods, such as the rapid antigen assay, direct immunofluorescence, or EIA.


  • The low limit of detection varies depending on the methods and viruses tested.