Rotavirus Fecal Antigen Detection


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Subject: Rotavirus Fecal Antigen Detection

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Definition and Use

  • This test is used for the diagnosis of enteric infections caused by Rotavirus.

  • This test may be ordered for patients, usually young children, who present with a sudden onset of watery diarrhea, which is often preceded by vomiting.

  • Unpreserved stool is submitted for testing.

  • Rotavirus antigen in stool is detected by immunologic techniques using rotavirus-specific antibodies. LA and EIA formats are typically used. Sensitivity and specificity of commercial EIA assays are reported in the high 90% range.

  • Turnaround time: <24 hours.


  • Expected results: Negative.


  • LA tests have reported sensitivities less than the sensitivities of EIA assays. Assays may be less reliable in neonates.