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Cocaine Poisoning

Steven Aks
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  • Description
  • Etiology


  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Essential Workup
  • Tests
  • Differential Diagnosis


  • Pre-hospital
  • Initial Stabilization
  • ED Treatment
  • Medication (Drugs)
  • In-patient Considerations
The following is an excerpt....
  • Sympathomimetic
  • Inhibits neurotransmitter reuptake at the nerve terminal
  • Metabolism:
    • Hepatic degradation
    • Nonenzymatic hydrolysis
    • Cholinesterase metabolism
  • IV, nasal, oral administration of cocaine
  • Oral ingestion:
    • Body stuffers:
      • Ingest hastily wrapped packets in attempt to evade police.
    • Body packers:
      • Ingest cocaine packets to smuggle the drug using couriers’ oral, rectal, and vaginal cavities.
      • Cocaine is wrapped carefully in packets containing large amounts of drug.

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