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Vaccine Adverse Events, Pediatric

Kristen A. Feemster, MD, MPH, MSHP Reviewed 10/2018



Adverse events after immunization may be a true vaccine-associated event or may be a coincidental event that would happen without immunization. Epidemiologic studies are important to estab...


  • Common mild adverse events after vaccination include:

    • Fever

    • Local erythema, swelling, and/or tenderness

    • Sleepiness and decreased appetite

    • Increased fussiness

    • Mild rash: occurs in 1 of 25 people u...


  • Approach

    • Before vaccination:

      • Discuss benefits and potential known adverse events so that families know what to expect.

      • Actively review vaccine information sheets.

      • Solicit concerns that they c...


  • American Academy of Pediatrics. Active immunization. In: Kimberlin DW, ed. Red Book: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases. 30th ed. Washington, DC: American Academy of P...



  • 999.9 Other and unspecified complications of medical care, not elsewhere classified

  • 999.52 Other serum reaction due to vaccination

  • 999.42 Anaphylactic reaction due to vaccination

  • 999.39 Infecti...


  • Q: Many parents request spacing vaccines. Is there evidence that giving multiple vaccines at a time is too much for a child’s immune system?

  • A: Recommended vaccines have a very small amount of anti...

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