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Abdominal Trauma, Imaging, Emergency Medicine

Reviewed 06/2017



Diagnostic procedures: Use of these imaging and procedure modalities will be based on history and physical exam. 


Signs and Symptoms

  • Abdominal trauma can be seen in a variety of patients ranging from those with isolated abdominal injury to multisystem trauma.

  • Abdominal trauma is divided into blunt and pen...



All patients with a significant mechanism of injury or suspicion of major trauma should be triaged to a designated trauma center (preferably a Level 1 Center) 
  • Pediatric patients ...



Admission Criteria

  • All unstable trauma patients require admission to the hospital and most will require surgical management.

  • Most multisystem trauma patients who also have abdominal...

Pearls and Pitfalls

  • US can be immediately performed at the bedside concurrent with initial stabilization.

  • Consider serial US exams. This is especially important if there is a change in the patient's he...

Additional Reading

  • Bifflm  WL, Kaups  KL, Cothren  CC, et al. Management of patients with anterior abdominal stab wounds: A western trauma association multicenter trial. J Trauma.  2009;66:1294–1...



  • 88.02 Other abdomen tomography

  • 88.19 Other x-ray of abdomen

  • 88.76 Diagnostic ultrasound of abdomen and retroperitoneum

  • 868.00 Injury to other intra-abdominal organs without mention of open woun...

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