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Ovarian Cyst/Torsion, Emergency Medicine

Reviewed 06/2017



  • Ovarian cysts:

    • Generally asymptomatic until complicated by hemorrhage, torsion, rupture, or infection

    • Follicular cysts:

      • Most common

      • Occur from fetal life to menopause

      • Unilocular; diameter...


Signs and Symptoms


  • Ovarian cyst:

    • Abdominal pain

      • Sharp, unilateral

      • Intermittent vs. constant

      • Migration

      • Previous episodes

      • May occur with exercise, intercourse, trauma, or pelvic exam

    • Fever is r...

Pearls and Pitfalls

Adnexal torsion: 
  • Torsion is a clinical diagnosis:

    • US may show flow to an ovary that has detorsed

  • Symptoms can be varied and nonspecific

  • Always include adnexal torsion in differential ...

Additional Reading

  • Becker  JH, de Graaff  J, Vos  CM. Torsion of the ovary: A known but frequently missed diagnosis. Eur J Emerg Med.  2009;16:124–126.

  • Bottomley  C, Bourne  T. Diagnosis and manag...



  • 620.0 Follicular cyst of ovary

  • 620.2 Other and unspecified ovarian cyst

  • 620.5 Torsion of ovary, ovarian pedicle, or fallopian tube

  • 620.1 Corpus luteum cyst or hematoma

  • 220 Benign neoplasm of ova...

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