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COVID-19 and The Coronavirus Vaccines


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Subject: COVID-19 and The Coronavirus Vaccines

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The Impact of COVID-19

As of January 9, 2021: 
  • Worldwide: roughly 90 million cases and 2 million deaths (247 deaths per million people)
  • United States: 22.5 million cases and 378,000 deaths (1,140 deaths per million people)

How to Prevent Getting COVID or Spreading COVID to Others

COVID Vaccines

Vaccine Company



Astra Zenaca

Approval Status:

FDA Emergency Authorization

FDA Emergency Authorization

Not authorized in US. Available in UK

Type of Vaccine:



Viral Vectored

Timing of Injections:

2 shots, 3 weeks apart

2 shots, 4 weeks apart

Half dose, then full dose 28 days later

Percent Effective

(8 weeks after 2nd shot)


(8 weeks after 2nd shot)


(8 weeks after 2nd shot)


(14 days after 2nd shot)

Age Group

16 years and above

18 years and above

Not approved in US

Rate of Serious Side Effects

0.6% for vaccine

0.5% for placebo

1.5% for vaccine

1.1% for placebo

0.72% for vaccine

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