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Ketotifen (Ophthalmic)



(kee toe TYE fen)

Brand Names: U.S.

  • Alaway Childrens Allergy [OTC]
  • Alaway [OTC]
  • Claritin Eye [OTC]
  • Eye Itch Relief [OTC]
  • TheraTears Allergy [OTC] [DSC]
  • Zaditor [OTC]


Use: Labeled Indications

Allergic conjunctivitis:

Drug-eluting contact lens with ketotifen (Acuvue Theravision): Product is a daily wear, daily disposable etafilcon A drug-eluting contact lens packaged with ketotifen. The ketotifen component is indicated for the prevention of ocular itch due to allergic conjunctivitis; the contact lens component is indicated for the correction of refractive ametropia (myopia and hyperopia) in aphakic and/or phakic patients who do not have red eye(s), are suitable for contact lens wear, and do not have more than 1 D of astigmatism.

Ophthalmic solution: Temporary relief of eye itching due to allergic conjunctivitis.

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