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Ribavirin (Systemic)



(rye ba VYE rin)

Brand Names: U.S.

  • Copegus [DSC]
  • Moderiba 1200 Dose Pack [DSC]
  • Moderiba 800 Dose Pack [DSC]
  • Moderiba [DSC]
  • Rebetol
  • Ribasphere
  • Ribasphere RibaPak
  • RibaTab [DSC]


Use: Labeled Indications

Hepatitis C virus infection, chronic: Ribavirin, in combination with direct-acting antivirals, is recommended in the AASLD/IDSA guidelines as part of an alternative regimen for certain clinical scenarios. Hepatitis C treatment guidelines are constantly changing with the advent of new treatment therapies and information; consult current clinical practice guidelines for the most recent treatment recommendations. The combination of peginterferon and ribavirin, even with additional preferred HCV antiviral agent(s), is not recommended for hepatitis C virus (HCV) (regardless of genotype) in HCV adult treatment guidelines (treatment-naive or treatment-experienced). Peginterferon and ribavirin-based regimens, however, may remain in use in resource-limited settings where interferon-free regimens are inaccessible or unavailable (AASLD/IDSA 2018).

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