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ED from E-Cigarettes: Time to Stop


Am J Prev Med 2022;62(1):26−38.

Study Summary

This observational data assessment of men between 20 – 65 years who reported erectile dysfunction (ED) and who had no history of cardiovascular disease, to determine if there was a relationship between ED and electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDS).

The prevalence of current ENDS use was 5.6% with 2.5% reporting daily use.

Current daily ENDS users were more likely to report erectile dysfunction than never users (AOR=2.41, 95% CI=1.55, 3.74) with physical activity being associated with lower odds of erectile dysfunction (AOR range=0.44-0.58).


Initial treatment for ED, after ruling out metabolic causes (i.e. diabetes, hypogonadism, etc.) must include ENDS cessation. Using a medication, like sildenafil, without first trying nicotine cessation, seems at best, a fool’s errand. Query all patients that present with ED with regards to nicotine use, and make it the primary treatment modality, making 2 liabilities (nicotine abuse and ED) into a benefit.

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Contributed by Frank J. Domino, MD, January 19, 2022